We are committed to pursuing social justice, health equity, and structural competence on a global level -- both internationally and domestically.  At present, we are particularly focused on the decolonization of global health. 

Join us for educational events like our speaker series and journal clubs, and for resources to help connect trainees across the institution to global health equity opportunities.


The centerpiece of our curriculum is the Global Health Equity Rounds speaker series, which features guests from the University of Michigan and beyond. We also host journal clubs and documentary movie nights. 


We work with community partners to learn how to best advocate for our patients. We also help facilitate opportunities for house officers to care for underserved people in our local community, and to engage in rural health and international electives.


In partnership with organizations like Global REACH, we seek to mentor medical students who are interested in global health equity. We also aim to connect house officers with faculty mentors to provide support and guidance as they develop careers in global health equity.