International & Rural Health Electives

Over the past several years, Residents & Fellows for Global Health has helped facilitate a number of international electives, as well as rural health electives and rotations with the Indian Health Service. While many of these electives have been in flux or on hold lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some general principles that may help in planning for future travel when it is safe to do so.

1. Contact your program director and consider discussing the following questions:

  • What year should I travel?

  • Do I need to meet with anyone in the department?

  • Can I go abroad more than once?

  • How long can my elective rotation be?

2. Plan ahead and apply for GME funding:

  • GME requires you to submit an application for funding around January/February for the subsequent academic year, so you must plan ahead.

  • Please see this website for the GME Off-site Rotation Policy.

  • Please see below for the GME Off-site Rotation Application.

3. Travel Tips:

  • Applications to countries for which the US government has issued travel advisories will not be approved. Please check for travel advisories before setting up your rotation.

  • Visa and vaccination requirements vary by location. Please look into location specific requirements well in advance.

  • Don't forget to register with the UofM travel registry before you travel.

Elective Off-Site Rotation Application V3.0 10-05-2021 (1) (1).pdf

Explore this map to see some of the locations of previous Michigan Medicine elective opportunities.